Students (2021-22)

Siobhan Cunningham

Life Writing

Jasmeet Dosanjh

Prose Fiction

Zhoutong Hou

Life Writing

Zhuotong Hou is a recent graduate of MA Creative Writing from the University of Westminster. Although she was born and raised in China, she finds herself more inclined to embrace the western thoughts of freedom due to the influence of the dictatorial Chinese regime.

Although it is quite upset to say, there are lots of things she feel more comfortable to express in English than her native language. But she is trying to change this. She knows that she has a long way to go. It is not about techniques to form sophisticated sentences or use wonderful vocabulary. It is about the pursuit of a liberated mind free from unnecessary moral judgements that she is struggling with. 

Her hope is to be a journalist in a free, English-speaking country, and tell the world about her experience in China as well as the larger political and cultural picture of China.

Hanna Komar


Hanna Komar is an award-winning poet, translator and activist from Belarus, member of PEN Belarus and Belarusian Writers Union, and an honourary member of English PEN. She has published three poetry collections, “Страх вышыні” [Fear of Heights] in Belarusian, a bilingual collection Recycled and a collection of docu poetry “Мы вернемся” [We’ll Return].
Hanna’s poetic work lays bare the experience of being a girl, then a young woman, growing up in a strongly patriarchal country. In 2020-2022, Hanna has been participating in the Belarusian protest and has been writing about it extensively, her texts having become strongly political but remaining emotional and honest.
Hanna is currently doing her MA in Creative Writing: Writing the City at the University of Westminster in London. 

Surabhi Kumar

Prose Fiction

Nisha Patel 


Nisha Patel is a young writer who lives and studies in London. She is a final year undergraduate, studying a BA in Creative Writing and English Language. Her work has appeared in The Wells Street Journal, and she has performed at their launch events. She was longlisted for the Inanimate Objects Writing Challenge on Young Poets Network, for her poem ‘Washing Basket.’ She is a volunteer book editor at Spread The Word Book Publisher. Her admiration of nature and art blossom in her poetry. Emily Dickinson is one of her favourite poets. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, aspiring to create her own illustrations for her poetry. Recently her application to be editorial assistant at Granta, was successful for the second stage. She also has a new interest in writing classic and witty detective fiction. She hopes to publish poetry collections in the future, alongside detective stories.  

Abbey Power


Abbey writes a lot. It was not something she set out to do, there was no ambition to become the world’s leading poet or novelist when she started putting words on the page – but now she is confident in the possibility and is actively pursuing the idea. Why not aim big when something she loves, seems to be something she is incredibly good at? 

For 21 years, Abbey has only revealed snippets of her poetry, once even moving her secondary school English teacher to tears – it was quite awkward, actually. Sorry miss! There was also an incident with a Maths teacher, but that was mainly down to the complexity of Algebra and they were both crying. 

But now, after a long time hiding in the shadows, she is ready to step into the light, read some poetry, and maybe make some more English teachers cry, but the good kind of tears, obviously!

Rukaiya Siamwala

Life Writing

Ruk(q)aiya is currently pursuing her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. Her interests are scattered amongst the various spaces of art, dance, cinema, theatre, culture, politics and aromatherapy. On most days, one will find her on the bus responsibly drifting between eavesdropping, glancing outside the window or hiding behind a book.

Bex Thackery

Prose Fiction

My name is Bex, I’m a Creative Writing and English Literature student. After working in fashion for many years I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to something that felt much more meaningful. I would love to write prose fiction and screenplays in the future. I often find that the characters I create are deeply complex, on journeys to undo their wounded past. My passion for feminism and human rights, and my concerns for the systematic injustices of our world are often explored through my work. Whilst a lot of my writing turns naturally dark, I would also love to write more playfully, in light-hearted voices that feel relatable to the young people of today. I’m still obsessed with fashion, along with old rock music and a yearly trip to Ibiza.

Troy Vonder


Vonder is a queer Estonian artist seeking the blue bird of happiness on the smoggy streets of London.

His works are influenced by his pagan roots, nature and that one time he read Faust in one sitting, after which making it his entire personality.

His prose either comes from very vivid and unlucid dreams or the void itself.

Writers like Emily Dickinson, William Blake and Shakespeare were his gateway drug to writing, so you can thank them for his pretentious way of prose.